Play fun free games and earn real-life rewards

Connecting brands to new customers through fun mobile games

Play fun free games and earn real-life rewards

Pointvoucher rewards people with points for spending time on things they already do, like playing games. Points can then be exchanged for real-life rewards coming from the amazing brands we partner with. Over 500,000 happy users & counting!

A Win-Win-Win Solution For Game Developers, Brands & Users

Free SDK that improves your ARPDAU & grows your game

Every game developer wants to increase monetization but adding more and more ads or pay-gates simply kills the user experience. Therefore, Pointvoucher has developed an easy add on which improves monetisation and gives your users an incentive to play longer. Your game can easily be connected to Pointvoucher, adding a new feature which improves loyalty and your users lifetime value without interfering with your game mechanics or in-game economy. It’s free to use, easy to implement and available on iOS, Android, Unity and HTML5 games. And as a bonus we will promote your game to our 500,000+ members.

Publish your HTML5 game with us & earn more

We are always on the lookout for great new HTML5 games to publish on If you are a HTML5 developer and are looking for a new channel to monetize your games – you’ve found a solution. All you have to do is to submit your game. Once approved we’ll implement ads, publish your game on the portal and promote it to our 500,000+ users who visit us every day.

Get access to thousands of new customers, for free

Reaching new customers and capturing their attention in ways that lead them to enjoy and spend more on your products is what we as business owners all strive for. With over 500,000 users redeeming 100s of rewards each week, you can now reach thousands of new customers in a non-intrusive way. You’ll be joining great brands from around the world and take part in this win-win marketing solution.


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