Play fun free games and earn real-life rewards

Connecting brands to new customers through fun games & apps

Play fun free games and earn real-life rewards

Pointvoucher is a platform that rewards people with points for spending time on things they already do, like playing games. Points can then be exchanged for real-life rewards. To build this platform we are partnering with game & app publishers, brands & retailers, and affiliates & influencers.

At Pointvoucher, Everybody Wins.

Game & App Publishers

Bring real-life rewards to your game, improve key metrics, and create a new revenue stream.

Connect your game to Pointvoucher’s platform and bring real-life rewards to your users. No matter where your game is published. This will effectively improve key metrics like engagement and retention and give you additional monetization features that improves ARPDAU. It’s free to use, easy to implement and available for iOS, Android, Unity and HTML5. Games that connect will be promoted to our 500,000+ members and published on

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Get access to thousands of new customers and a gamification toolbox - for free.

Publish great offers on Pointvoucher’s platform and get access to 500,000+ members redeeming hundreds of rewards each week. There are no commission or platform fees. We’ll also promote your brand through email, social media and more. Brands & retailers will receive access to a gamification toolbox which can help improve the customer experience on your website by increasing conversions and generating new leads. 

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Gamify your website & convert more traffic

Monetize your followers | Influencers & Bloggers

Monetize your audience by promoting Pointvoucher.

Do you have a website and are looking for new ways to monetize your traffic? Are you an influencer or a blogger with an engaging community of followers and would like to earn more profits? Then become a Pointvoucher Business affiliate, promote us and get paid for every new user acquired through your channels. Pointvoucher provides high payout and a long-term revenue stream that will pay you every month. The more you share the more you will earn.

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