A Complete List of Best Affiliate Networks

A Complete List of Best Affiliate Networks (2021)

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If you are looking for the best affiliate networks, then you have come to the right place. We are here to give you “A Complete List of Best Affiliate Networks”. 


What are Affiliate Networks?

In simpler terms, Affiliates Networks are intermediaries between publishers (affiliates) and merchant affiliate programs. 

There are mainly two parties involved in the Affiliate Marketing Program:

  • Merchants that produce offers on their products, and 
  • Publishers who promote the offers to their target audience

These networks provide a platform with a central database of available affiliate programs categorized for you to choose from. They also provide various tools such as reporting, analytics and payment processing.


Affiliate Networks & Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate networks provide the online platforms that bring merchants/advertisers, and marketers/publishers together.

These programs help bloggers, publishers to make money from their website, and blogs. 

How it works

  • Advertisers place their offer on the platform provide by affiliate networks 
  • Marketers/bloggers introduce the offer to their audiences 
  • Once the blogger’s audience takes action like buying product using the unique affiliate site link, marketers/bloggers earn a commission

Here Is The Complete List of Best Affiliate Networks  

If you are looking for earning extra income, or making affiliate marketing your main source of income, finding the right affiliate network to join is crucial. 

Some of the best affiliate networks include, ShareASale, Awin, Rakuten, Amazon Associates

We bring you some of the best affiliate networks with their pros and cons to help you find the program suitable for you.


ShareASale- Sign Up 

ShareASale is one of the biggest and most popular affiliate networks in the world


Image Source: ShareASale

Founded in the year 2000, ShareASale is one of the biggest and most popular affiliate networks in the world. 

It has affiliate programs for more than 4000 merchants, both big and small. Whatever you want to promote you will find a fitting affiliate program with ShareASale.

The network has a huge variety of merchants to choose from in over 40 categories. These include some big names like Reebok, Spanx, and many others. 

ShareASale has been running for nearly two decades. And this network is well-loved by marketers and merchants. This is because of its user-friendly interface, fast free sign up and support for affiliates running multiple websites. 

Its platform is easy to use and publishes a large amount of data on each of the offers they are running. These offers include, Earnings per Click, Average Sale Amount, Reversal Rates, and Average Commission.


  • It has more than 4,000 merchants including more than 1,000 that are exclusive
  • ShareASale has a quick payment cycle. The payout is on the 20th of every month, assuming your account balance is more than $50
  • Easy to use and navigate, and the approval process is pretty seamless
  • It is easy to scan through advertisers to find the exact programs you’re looking for
  • Offers commission rate of 10% which can go up to 30 to 40%


  • ShareASale is US-based, so most of their programs are also targeted towards the USA customers
  • It has a lack of customer support. They do have a help desk but don’t expect to receive help from a personal affiliate manager
  • Sometimes affiliates do not get notifications if the merchant’s programs are shut down

AWIN- Sign Up

Awin is one of the largest and well regarded affiliate networks


Image Source: Awin

Founded in 2000, the company has since grown into one of the largest and well regarded affiliate networks in the world. 

AWIN boasts more than 1,600 brands across 77 sectors in 11 territories worldwide. AWIN (previously known as Affiliate Window), is a well known affiliate network in the UK and European market. 

Registering with AWIN is simple and quick to do. And once you have signed up as a publisher, you can spend some time browsing through the affiliate programs available.

The company’s mission is to connect advertisers and affiliates of all sizes. This is done by providing a user-friendly platform for vendors and publishers to connect. 

Awin provides a portal which is perfect for website owners, influencers, content creators, and technology-based partners. It helps them to advertise products and create profitable networks.

It works with both physical, and digital products, from some big name merchants like Etsy, Hyatt, Etsy, Hewlett-Packard, and AliExpress.


  • Awin offers user friendly dashboard, and lots of plugins 
  • Its payouts are given twice a month (either the 1st  or the 15th) with minimum payout of $20
  • Offers a wide range of merchants to choose from
  • Applying to affiliate programs is easy and quick
  • AWIN is simple to understand and use, and all your affiliate stats are clear to see and understand in your dashboard area


  • To sign-up you have to pay $5 in advance, and if your accounts does not get approved do not have $5 fee returned

ClickBank- Sign Up For Free

ClickBank is a well known brand in the affiliate network industry


Image Source: ClickBank

ClickBank is a well known brand in the affiliate network industry. It came into existence over 20 years back. It is a popular choice among most affiliate marketers. 

Over the years, ClickBank has built up a strong reputation among bloggers, digital marketers, and entrepreneurs. It has around 6 million digital products in over 20 categories, reaching 200 million people worldwide.

The company deals in physical products, and digital products like, ebooks, software, or training courses.

It offers a marketplace where vendors provide information regarding their product. 

Affiliates can search the marketplace to find particular products and vendors. They can also find additional details like available promotional materials and sales statistics for a vendor or product. 


  • Pays high commissions which sometimes goes up to 75%
  • You can sell products in most countries
  • If you would like to join the ClickBank Affiliate Network, it is free of cost 
  • ClickBank is known for making regular reliable payouts


  • Higher competition from other affiliates selling the same products
  • Sellers and affiliates are subject to Clickbank fees
  • If affiliates fail to make any sales over a period of months they are charged with $1 a day plus up to $50/ period for having an inactive account
  • You may have to dodge some low-quality products to get good offers

CJ Affiliate (formerly Commission Junction)- Sign Up

CJ Affiliate (formerly known as Commission Junction) is one of the world’s largest affiliate networks


Image Source: CJ Affiliate

CJ Affiliate (formerly Commission Junction) is one of the world’s largest affiliate networks. There are around 4000+ global brands, and 70000 publishers on CJ Affiliate network. 

Its Publisher Toolbox has many handy tools to manage your activities, track your earnings, and increase conversions. 

This affiliate network specializes in pay-for-performance programs. CJ Affiliates have affiliate programs for some of the world’s most recognized and specialized retailers.

Almost all the major retailers have their affiliate programs on CJ Affiliate. You can find a good affiliate program for pretty much everything like, health, travel, games, sports, business, and others. 


  • Its dashboard is very easy to use and grabbing links isn’t too much of a hassle either
  • CJ works globally and facilitates transactions in more than 150 countries
  • Minimum payout of $50
  • It has more than 3000 advertisers as part of the network, and most of them are household names


  • Lack of customer support
  • You can face lag in reports, and some technical issues while using CJ Affiliate 
  • CJ Affiliate sometimes cancel accounts without an explanation
  • Payouts are only available via checks, direct payments, or through Payoneer

Rakuten Affiliate Network- Join Here

Rakuten Affiliate Network works with big brands like Walmart, Best Buy, Lacoste, and many more


Image Source: Rakuten Advertising

Rakuten Affiliate Network is one of the best and oldest affiliate networks within the affiliate marketing industry. Rakuten Marketing was renamed as Rakuten Advertising, this year.

Founded in 1996, Rakuten’s list of merchants is shorter than most competitors. It only has around 1000 merchants. This means there aren’t many products to promote on the platform.

This affiliate network biggie works with big brands like Walmart, Best Buy, Lacoste, and many more. It offers some solid payment options like, PayPal, check, and Direct Deposits.

Rakuten operates in over 200 countries, and offers payments to affiliates in 25 different currencies. Its minimum payout is $50, and the average commission rate depends on the specific merchant you have signed up with.


  • Free to sign up and easy setup for rotating banners
  • Its affiliate platform is very user-friendly.
  • Rakuten has an intuitive user interface, and a great reporting system with customizable reports to see specific data
  • Rakuten has great customer service. You can reach them via phone number or email. They also offer customer service in different languages


  • Publishers are paid only once they have been paid by the advertisers
  • Joining Rakuten is difficult as it is only looking for top affiliates with good amounts of quality traffic to join their network

Avangate Affiliate Network (2Checkout)- Register Here

Avangate Affiliate Network won the award for Best CPS/affiliate network for digital products


Image Source: Avangate Affiliate Network

This affiliate network focuses on digital software, and goods instead of physical products. Some of the popular merchants include: Bitdefender, Hide My Ass (the VPN), Awario, Kaspersky, and many others. 

It is best suited for established influencers with target audience interested in softwares, digital products, and software as a service solutions. 

Avangate provides you access to more than 22,000 different software products from brands like Hewlett-Packard, and Bitdefender. So if your site promotes a lot of digital products, then this affiliate network is a perfect option for you.

Commission rate at this affiliate network’s digital products is much higher than physical products. The average commission at Avangate goes up to 75%. 


  • Avangate is an industry leader in affiliate sales for SaaS products, and software
  • It offers payouts via, direct deposits, PayPal, or via a branded (Avangate) MasterCard
  • Avangate offers generous commission rates
  • You can explore its full merchant marketplace without having to sign up


  • Minimum payout amount is $100 which is much higher than other affiliate networks
  • The cookie length is 180 days which is not bad cookie life, but lesser than other networks

FlexOffers- Login

FlexOffers is a popular affiliate platform that provides access to more than 12,000 different merchants/advertisers


Image Source: FlexOffers

It is a popular affiliate platform that provides access to more than 12,000 different merchants/advertisers. FlexOffers has been in the industry for over 10 years and gives payouts alot faster than other competitors. 

This affiliate platform helps connect bloggers, publishers, and content creators with budget advertisers, and brands of varied sizes. It also offers tens of thousands of different affiliate programs to choose from.

FlexOffers offers both large and small brands including some well-known brands like Skechers, Macy’s, Lenovo, and more. 

The minimum payout is $50 within the USA or $100 outside the USA. FlexOffers’ average commission rate depends on specific merchant that you sign up with.


  • As per its FlexRev-$hare program, you can refer other publishers. And when they earn you earn upto 50% of earnings generated by the affiliates referred by you.
  • You get a dedicated account manager. They help answer your questions, and help to cater to your specific needs in a timely manner.


  • It only offers PayPal for those who are based outside of US
  • The minimum payout is $100 for affiliates outside the USA

Peerfly- Join Here

Peerfly is a one-of-a-kind cost-per-action (CPA) based affiliate ad network


Image Source: Peerfly

Founded in 2009, Peerfly is a one-of-a-kind cost-per-action (CPA) based affiliate ad network. 

It means that you get paid if a user clicks on the link on your website and completes an action. These actions could include, filling out a form, a free ebook to download or something similar.

Every time a user goes from your website to the merchant’s website and completes the required action, you get paid.

Peerfly works with publishers all over the world from different verticals, and different experience levels.

Unlike its competitors, Peerfly can provide you custom built software, and they can add features specifically for you. 

Some of the popular brands Peerfly promotes include, Uber, Target, McAfee, Bookings.com, and many more.

It has a minimum payout of $50 which is lower than other similar websites.


  • Peerfly offers a powerful yet super easy to use dashboard
  • This affiliate network offers 2000+ merchants, and over 8000 total offers
  • The company offers payment methods like, PayPal, Payoneer, Direct Deposit, Bank Wire, and even Postal Checks


  • Slow customer service
  • Peerfly only offers limited number of products
  • Affiliate publisher applications review takes upto 3 days
  • It is based on Cost Per Action model that tends to pay a bit lesser than the Cost Per Sales model

Tradedoubler- Sign Up

Tradedoubler one of the best and biggest affiliate program


Image Source: Tradedoubler

Tradedoubler was created by two Swedish entrepreneurs in the year 1999. It is one of the best and biggest affiliate programs. Its offices are looked in the UK and other European countries, like France, Sweden, Germany, Poland, and Spain. 

This affiliate marketing technology platform allows advertisers and agencies to combine their private networks with Tradedoubler’s extensive affiliate network.

They have 180,000 active publishers, connecting them to more than 2,000 merchants located in the UK, and Europe. Most merchants are popular household names like HP, Philips, Puma, T-Mobile, Groupon, Microsoft, Avis, ING, and many more.


  • Very well-known clients
  • Simple interface, and immaculate tracking
  • More than 2000 advertisers, and many international offers
  • It offers different payment models so there are more chances to earn


  • Some of the offers are highly restricted
  • Affiliate websites are required to generate a lot of UK traffic as most of the brands they are working with are from the UK. So if you’re living outside the UK, it will be very challenging

MaxBounty- Register Here

MaxBounty is a cost-per-action affiliate program that brings marketers and advertisers together


Image Source: MaxBounty

MaxBounty is a cost-per-action affiliate program. It is an online platform that brings marketers, and advertisers together. 

The advertisers promote their products and pay out commission upon the performance of a required task or course of action.

MaxBounty works exclusively with digital products, which usually involves giving one’s email or signing up for a newsletter. Some of MaxBounty’s trusted partners include Apple, Microsoft, American Express, GoDaddy, Norton, Alibaba, McAfee, and more. 

It has CPA, Pay-per-call, and CPL campaigns that you can choose from.  

It is involved in a large number of verticals such as real estate, market research, finance, social games, and diet, but is primarily designed for marketers seeking to acquire new leads.

Different campaigns have different commission rates. Commission can range from $2.50 to $85 per CPA. Some campaigns pay out a given percentage of a sale. MaxBounty also offers a referral commission of 5%.

Payment methods offered include, PayPal, Wire Transfer, Direct Deposit, Payoneer, and check.


  • User-friendly interface and reliable platform
  • Trustworthy payment systems that offer payment methods
  • MaxBounty partners with some high profile brands, like Microsoft, Apple, and others
  • The website provides free and quality educational resources. These help you train to get started as an affiliate marketers


  • Negative reviews from a large number of affiliates
  • MaxBounty has a strict application process especially for marketers who lack a website
  • Compared to other affiliate marketing network they have a fewer offers
  • You can be banned if in case you have questionable traffic
  • Minimum payout to withdraw is $100

Amazon Associates- Sign In

Amazon Associates program is most suitable for publishers, bloggers, content creators, and website owners


Image Source: Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates program helps you to promote physical products, and earn commissions. It is one of the largest affiliate programs in the world. You can sell anything from kids toys to laptops using Amazon affiliate link, and earn decent commissions.

It helps publishers, bloggers, content creators, and website owners to monetize their traffic. Associates earn commissions on the products they refer to traffic. They also earn if someone they referred makes any other purchase even if it’s the product you did not link to. 

Amazon has a flat-rate commission, in which you are paid a flat percentage depending on the category of the product. Commissions range from 1% to 10% depending on the category of product.

Amazon Associates fixed commission income rates


Image Source: Amazon Associates

If you are new to affiliate marketing, and you have limited technical expertise, then Amazon Associates is for you. 


  • You are eligible to earn a commission on pretty much anything sold on the Amazon website. This includes products sold by third party vendors as well
  • Minimum payout threshold is only $10
  • Amazon is secure and safe for both parties involved
  • It is the biggest online retailer in eCommerce world for every imaginable item


  • Some product categories like video games have a very low commission (1%)
  • Amazon does not offer payout via PayPal, this leaves us with two options Gift Card, or Check Payment
  • It has some strict terms like your account may get blocked if you fail to make a sale within the first 90-days of creating it

Viglink- Create Free Account 

Viglink offers outbound-traffic monetization service for forums, publishers, and bloggers


Image Source: Viglink

It is a link monetization tool that helps you to earn from every outbound link on your blog or website.

Viglink offers outbound-traffic monetization service for forums, publishers, and bloggers. It is a little different from other affiliate networks. This affiliate offers one of the best ways to make money from blogging. 

It converts normal outgoing links into affiliate links. This means if your users make a purchase clicking on links, you earn a referral commission from it. 

Viglink uses dynamic links which means that it automatically converts outbound links into affiliate links. It automatically monetizes all outbound links,which helps you to make a handsome income from them.

Setting up VigLink is easy, and all you need to do is add a particular line of code to your site source. VigLink will take care of the rest.

Affiliates have an option to filter between CPC, CPA, or both CPA and CPA offers. In addition to that, the commission rates are set by the merchant, not VigLink.


  • Dynamic link updates help maximize your income, and help avoid spending time to manually update links
  • Great option for bloggers who prefer a more hands-off affiliate program
  • Over 30000 merchants located worldwide that cover almost every niche
  • Their platform is easy to use


  • Viglink offers payout via Paypal only
  • Payouts are made only once a month
  • If you join Viglink you have to get approved by each merchant separately

JVZoo- Register For A Free Account

JVZoo is a popular affiliate networks that brings product creators, and affiliate marketers together


Image Source: JVZoo

Founded in 2011, JVZoo has catapulted as one of the most popular affiliate networks. This program brings product creators, and affiliate marketers together. 

JVZoo is an affiliate network that has thousands of products you can promote as an affiliate marketer. Most popular products on its Marketplace include, software, eCommerce, Finance, health & fitness, and many others. 

It is best suited for experienced marketers rather than bloggers who want to monetize their blogs and earn money by having users click through and buying physical products. 

The average commissions depend on product/merchant. However, many of them offer commission 50% or higher. 

There are multiple ways in which you can earn commissions. These include PayPal, check by postal mail, JVZooPay, and manual payments. 


  • JVZoo offers high paying digital products
  • Tens of thousands of digital products to choose from
  • Account signup is easy and approval is instant
  • You have a chance to win instant commissions


  • You need to sell 50 products to earn instant PayPal payout
  • Some products are quite low quality 
  • The network offers plenty of videos and documentation. However, you need to give one time fees

eBay Partner Network- Sign In

eBay Partner Network is one of the biggest affiliate programs


Image Source: eBay Partner Network

eBay Partner Network is one of the biggest affiliate programs. Its global marketplace has 1.3 billion listings attracting 182 million active buyers.

This network is eBay’s affiliate program launched in the year 2008 to promote products in its store. 

The network offers affiliate marketing tools like, link generator, smart links, smart placements and others. 

Publishers can join the network by signing up for the program. After joining they can promote products on different platforms like blogs, websites, social media networks, and email lists.

You can make good commission from the ebay Partner network. However, the amount of commission depends on the products you have decided to promote. Publishers get paid once monthly, and there is no limit to the number of products to promote through your platform.

eBay Partner Network commission rates based on categories of products


Image Source: eBay Partner Network


  • New affiliates can earn double commission during the first three months
  • Access to thousands of product listings from different categories to promote
  • eBay has a low payment threshold of $25 that can go up to $50
  • It offers a wide variety of affiliate marketing tools like Smart Share, The Bookmarklet Tool, Smart Links, and others


  • Some product categories have a low commission rate
  • A lot of users complain that their account was banned suddenly for no reason
  • Offers limited payment options for publishers including, PayPal and Wire Transfer
  • 24-hour cookie length
  • Pays once in 30 days

Affiliaxe- Sign Up

Affiliaxe is a cost per action network for bloggers, and social media marketers


Image Source: Affiliaxe

Based out of Tel Aviv, Affiliaxe is a cost-per-action network with a vast selection of affiliate programs. 

It offers both mobile and desktop platforms. And also helps many social media marketers, bloggers, and media buyers to make decent income with this CPA network. 

The revenue models of this affiliate network are CPL, CPA and CPS. You are paid when someone takes action like sign up or make a sale. Affiliaxe offers publishers monetization tools like, deep linking, redirect tools, traffic source review, and other. 

As per its referral program, when your friends sign up using your link and start earning, both you and your friend can earn extra 4% of their monthly commission for the first 6 months of their account.

Affiliaxe offers a minimum payout of $100, and its payment methods include PayPal, Payoneer, ACH (US Only) and Bank Wire.


  • You receive payment on a bi-weekly basis
  • When you join you get an account manager who can help you optimize your links, and help with other tasks
  • With Affiliaxe you get real-time access to tracking to help improve your campaign performance
  • Publishers can also boost their revenue by referring others to this network


  • Affiliaxe takes some time to approve your application 
  • The program has only 1000 advertisers
  • If you want to register to the program you are required to to pay a security deposit of $50. You get your deposit back once you make your first commission

Target Affiliates-Sign Up

Target affiliate program is an affiliate network program designed for bloggers and publishers


Image Source: Target Affiliates

Just like Amazon, Target Affiliates program is also designed to help publishers, ang bloggers to earn extra income from selling Target products. 

As per the Target affiliate program, commissions depend on the category of the products you are selling. However, the more monthly net orders you refer, commission rates go higher. 

The network offers four categories that can earn you commissions. These include, Health & Beauty, Baby Gear & Furniture, Home & Outdoor Living, and Apparel & Accessories.

Target Affiliates program commission rates


Image Source: Target Affiliates

The program is managed by Impact Radius. To join Target Affiliates you need, a website/multiple websites with some existing traffic predominantly from the United States.

After applying for this program and being accepted as an affiliate of Target, you may place links via widgets, banners, text links and other tools. These links are provided via Impact Radius.

Once your visitors click through to the Target website via specific links, that visitor is tracked within a 7 day cookie window until they place an order.


  • You get a large number of products (over one million) to promote on your website
  • Highly trusted brand
  • Target rewards affiliates with increased commission rates for volume sales


  • Some product categories like Health and Beauty categories have a very low commission rate
  • Overall the commission rate is lower than Amazon Associates
  • Suitable only for the websites that primarily caters to American audience

Skimlinks- Sign Up

Skimlinks networking platform is designed for publishers, and bloggers


Image Source: Skimlinks

This UK-based company works similarly to VigLinks and is designed for publishers, and bloggers. 

Much like VigLinks, Skimlinks also uses a script or a plug-in to create dynamic links in your content to send visitors to higher paying offers from merchants. This networking platform converts regular links into dynamic affiliate links. And for this Skimlink takes 25% commission.

Apply to get Skimlinks, and once you are approved you add a snippet of code onto your site. All links to merchants in the Skimlinks network become affiliate links.

The commission rate varies from merchant to merchant. Skimlinks also has a high-tier of vetted merchants called “Preferred Partner” and “VIP” that pay higher commissions compared to standard merchants. 

SkimLinks has both physical and digital products. It also includes fashion (apparel) from big-name brands and products from Amazon, Target, and eBay.


  • Helps to completely automate your monetization
  • No need to ever again create affiliate links
  • Easy-to-use interface, along with generous data and report sharing
  • Get access to more than 25000 merchants/advertisers
  • Self help material on the website like case studies, product guides, whitepaper, and others


  • You can join Skimlinks for free but you get charged with a 25% commission on all referral-earnt sales
  • Skimlinks payout is only once a month
  • You can only work with vendors partnering with Skimlinks

LinkConnector- LogIn

LinkConnector is an affiliate marketing network that helps affiliates, and merchants


Image Source: LinkConnector

LinkConnector is an affiliate marketing network that helps affiliates, and merchants improve sales, and revenue. It has a strict controlled screening process for both merchants/advertisers and affiliates/publishers. This means that you can always rely on the quality of products on offer.

Once you sign up and get approved, you get a personal account manager and a range of high-end technology for making your affiliate marketing a success.

LinkConnector is a pioneer of affiliate marketing technology known as the Naked Links. With this link you don’t have to be rerouted through the affiliate network. 

You need to come to an agreement with the merchant regarding your commission. 


  • Exclusive access to big brands, and highly vetted high quality products
  • Its naked links do not require any rerouting through LinkConnector’s website. This can prove to be a huge SEO boost


  • It has a very rigorous and lengthy screening process. LinkConnector has a very high rejection rate that goes upto 60%
  • Its platform seems a little outdated, and clumsy. It has a very low quality dashboard
  • Platform is more focused on making the merchants happy than affiliates
  • Merchants have control on which websites and which landing pages the links are displayed. This may cause an inconvenience for affiliates with multiple websites.

Pepperjam- Register Here

Pepperjam is an affiliate network for both advertisers and publishers


Image Source: Pepperjam

Pepperjam has a wide variety of options for both advertisers and publishers. Its platform has tied up with numerous brands, and companies. 

Some popular brands include, Puma, Bath & Body Works, Lindt, Ace Hardware, Tarte, and many more.

Pepperjam’s platform, Ascend helps advertisers, and publishers to easily navigate the world of affiliate marketing. It helps maintain data transparency, and create a winning strategy to optimize profits and ensure minimal revenue loss.

You will be receiving affiliate payments on the 1st and 15th of each month. And in order to receive payments, you will have to generate at least $25 in commissions.

Various payout options offered by Pepperjam include, PayPal, direct deposits or checks.


  • Easy to use with a great user interface
  • Pepperjam has some very large names in their brand pool
  • You receive your payout twice every month
  • Signing up on this network only takes you a few minutes
  • Minimum payout is $25 which is much lower than most affiliate networks
  • Its application process is quite straightforward


  • It has limited payment options
  • Pepperjam does not have the largest advertiser pool
  • Its publisher dashboard is useful but lacks an intuitive design

Warrior Plus- Free Sign Up

Warrior Plus affiliate network is ideal for experienced internet marketers


Image Source: Warrior Plus

Created in 2006, Warrior Plus is an eCommerce platform that offers products like coaching, courses, software, small reports, sales pages and eBooks. 

It is a marketplace where you can sell your products, or promote them as affiliates. It offers all the affiliate programs that you can promote as an affiliate marketer.

Warrior Plus affiliate network is ideal for experienced internet marketers wanting to earn income on a large range of programs. 

Merchants pay a percentage of commission to affiliates for every sale they make. Warrior Plus offers instant payments via PayPal, and it pays out for all the products in the sale funnel. The average commission rates depend on the product you are promoting. 


  • Free to join for anyone who is interested in selling their digital products 
  • Easy approval process
  • Warrior Plus offers instant paypal payouts or payouts via Stripe
  • You find large number of digital products on offer
  • This affiliate program is open and transparent for both affiliate marketers and vendors


  • It has lots of low quality products
  • Sometimes refunds can eat up your income
  • New affiliate marketers have to make 5 unique buyers before getting your first payout

Pointvoucher Business- Get Started

Pointvoucher Business is a crossover between an affiliate network and a time-based loyalty platform


Image Source: Pointvoucher Business

Pointvoucher is an entertainment commerce platform. It is a crossover between an affiliate network and a time-based loyalty platform. 

This affiliate network is a bit different from the others mentioned in this list. It uses interactive media like mobile and web-based games as medium instead of regular websites and blogs to connect consumers with brands. 

With Pointvoucher users play games to earn points for time spent and can redeem real-life rewards (high quality offers and prize draws) from the brands & retailers that the platform works with. 


Pointvoucher offers real rewards for playing free games


Image Source: Pointvoucher

Pointvoucher’s online games portal has hundreds of games provided by third party developers or through mobile apps found on the AppStore or on Google Play.

Users can redeem rewards from the partners Pointvoucher works with including Hotels.com, Hotel Chocolat, Pasta Evangelists, Secret Escapes, Buy a gift and many others. 

Pointvoucher Business is the B2B part of the platform where brands can submit their rewards and game developers can submit their games. The company promotes both the offers and games.

Brands get a chance to promote their products, and get access to Pointvoucher’s new customer base. Pointvoucher also actively promotes their partners to their members for free. It creates direct value between the user and the brand and monetizes other places in the ecosystem.


  • It is easy and totally free to publish rewards on Pointvoucher.com
  • Pointvoucher promotes the offers and brands to 500,000+ members via its website, newsletter, and social media
  • The company offers additional free services like reward links that brands and retailers can use to reward their own users with points issued by Pointvoucher. Users can get an incentive if they sign-up for a newsletter, make a purchase, visit specific pages and more
  • The platform is free to use and comes without any platform fees, commission, or any other costs
  • Pointvoucher is different from what other competitors in this market and taps into a fast growing gaming industry


  • Pointvoucher is still new in the affiliate industry, but fast growing
  • There is currently no dashboard for partners but it is due to launch in 2021

Daisycon- Register Here

Daisycon is one of the largest affiliate, and lead generation networks


Image Source: Daisycon

Daisycon is one of the largest affiliate, and lead generation networks located in the Netherlands. It brings together:

  • Advertisers: Companies that place offers on the platform for their products. Advertisers only have to pay a reward if the affiliates have actually sold something.
  • Affiliates: Fashion Bloggers, influencers, publishers that promote the offer to their audiences. They sell products and services of other companies to their followers, and audiences and earn commission. 

Affiliates can earn commissions for their services paid by Daisycon. The commissions are not dependent on the advertisers. When you earn commissions, it is first approved by Daisycon. 

Payout options offered by Daisycon include, bank transfer, PayPal, and cash out in Bitcoins. 

Advertisers can use Daisycon to promote numerous physical products from companies. These companies are located in the Netherlands, rest of Europe, Australia, Mexico, Brazil, and other countries. 


  • Becoming an affiliate on Daisycon is super easy 
  • You can register as an advertiser or affiliate on the website
  • Daisycon is associated with well-known brands like AliExpress, Volkswagen, Disney T-Mobile, and many others
  • Its online platform called MyDaisycon is intuitive, easy to use, and easy to search online campaigns and promotion material
  • Daisycon offers a network of over 30000 active websites


  • Slow support team that takes months to respond to queries and issues
  • Daisycon offers faster payments but they include high charges for these transactions 

Final Thoughts

So, now is the time to choose an affiliate program. 

Which affiliate network are you joining today?

Think about the below mentioned points to pick a network that helps you earn a sizable side income, or regular stream of revenue.

  • Choose to sell what you love, or you will lose interest
  • Know your target audience, so you can know and sell what they want 
  • Once you know which product type to pick, it’s time to search for programs that offer maximum return/commission
  • Check the quality of the product. You do not want to sell your audiences anything that is subpar  
  • Read reviews and experiences of other affiliate marketers to know more about the programs
  • Try and work with a long-established vendor with high traffic and statler reputation 

Let us know in the comments below if missed out on any affiliate network. 

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