Mobile Gaming Industry News Roundup

Mobile Gaming Industry News Roundup 01.15.21

Happy Friday folks, and welcome to Pointvoucher’s new weekly news round-up! Every week, we’ll bring you the biggest stories and news from the mobile gaming world. You’ll find everything from the latest trends, to industry predictions and hirings.

At Pointvoucher, we like to think that we contribute positively to the gaming industry by providing a free platform for developers that helps them to expand their user base and keep that user base engaged for longer. You can check out how this works here. As with any industry though, knowing what’s going on around you is one of the keys to success.

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Pointvoucher News

  • Last week, Pointvoucher launched our Premium Membership service, which features even better rewards and games than our regular membership.
  • Also from last week, Apple banned 39,000 games from its China store (Via Reuters). You can find Pointvoucher’s opinion piece on this here.

Mobile Gaming News

  • App Annie has predicted that the mobile gaming industry will generate $120 billion dollars in 2021. Via London Loves Business.
  • In further news around the Epic Games vs Apple and Google feud, Epic have launched legal action against the two companies in the UK. Via Games Industry Biz.
  • Glitch have launched their Moonrise Fund, which is aimed at helping developers. Their CEO has encouraged game developers who want to create “fresh and new game loops” to apply. Via Games Industry Biz.
  • Newzoo have released their five mobile gaming trends to watch out for in 2021. These include Apple’s IDFA removal, the impact of 5G, and the prediction that more IP-based games will be available on mobile devices. Via Venture Beat.
  • Samsung and Twitch Rivals have announced a one-year partnership around a series of online competitions. Via Deadline.
  • Samsung have also announced that phones they release in the future will feature AMD graphics cards. Via Tech Times.
Mobile Gaming
  • Kuato Studios has secured 4.5m of funding for an educational game that allows different players to use both VR and a PC or mobile device while playing the same game. Via UKTech.
  • Twitter has announced that gaming posts were up 75% in 2020. Via Games Industry Biz.
  • App Annie’s State of Mobile 2021 report stated that 66% of consumer spending on mobile games was on core games. Via Games Industry Biz.
  • Among Us was the most downloaded game in December 2020 on the iOS App store and Google Play. Via 9to5Mac.
  • Former Facebook, Zynga and EA employee Ben Webley has been hired as the CMO of mobile gaming company Scopely. Via PR Week.
  • 505 Games has acquired Infinity Plus Two and Infinite Interactive for $4.5 million. Via Games Industry Biz.
  • And finally, despite being banned in India, PUBG mobile was the sixth most downloaded game in the country in 2020. Impressive! Via Sports Keeda.  

Mobile Gaming Industry Opinion

  • An interesting opinion piece via Techradar, who argue that streaming could completely revolutionize mobile gaming in 2021.
  • And via Pocket Gamer, who caution that 2021 might not be the year that game developers hope it will.

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