Mobile Gaming Industry News Roundup

Mobile Gaming Industry News Roundup 22.01.21

It’s Pointvoucher’s weekly news round-up, which means it’s nearly the weekend! Every week, we bring you the biggest stories and news from the mobile gaming world. You’ll find everything from the latest trends to industry predictions and hirings.

At Pointvoucher, we like to think that we contribute positively to the gaming industry by providing a free platform for developers that helps them to expand their user base and keep that user base engaged for longer. You can check out how this works here. As with any industry though, knowing what’s going on around you is one of the keys to success.

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  • As ever, we’re always increasing our Rewards offering for consumers here on Pointvoucher. You can check out our Rewards page here.

Mobile Gaming Industry News

  • Game regulators in China gave approval to only 97 foreign games last year. This comes after news of Apple’s massive game takedown broke at the beginning of the year. Via Pocket Gamer.
  • The EU has fined Steam-owner Valve over €1.6 million after they and five other publishers participated in geo-blocking practices. Via Games Industry Biz.
  • Business Insider reports that the online gaming industry it predicted to reach an eye-watering value of $2.8 billion by 2022.
  • The Global Mobile Gaming Market Research Report Forecast 2020-25 lists key players in the market. Via The Courier.
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  • Games Industry Biz details The NPD Group’s report which outlines the full extent of the surge of new players in 2020.
  • Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells has reached $40 million in revenue after only four months. Via Pocket Gamer.
  • Miniclip have acquired Netherlands based studio Gamebasics for an undisclosed fee. Via Games Industry Biz.
  • Tech giant Microsoft could well be looking at more potential gaming acquisitions. Via Pocket Gamer.
  • After massive growth over the past few years, Games Workshop are launching their hugely popular Warhammer 40k universe into the mobile gaming industry. Via Pocket Gamer.

Mobile Gaming Industry Opinion

  • CTech warn that the way the gaming industry works is changing.
  • Facebook’s Stephen Gray outlines new audience insights. Via Games Industry Biz.
  • And finally, in a gaming opinion and political opinion hybrid, The Economist talk about the future of games developers in Europe. (Free membership required).

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