Best Mobile Game Monetization SDKs in 2021

Best Mobile Game Monetization SDKs in 2021

We bring you the best mobile game monetization software in 2021. To understand which mobile game monetization SDKs are the best, it is important to understand what app monetization is. 

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What is App Monetization?

App monetization is a means by which app developers earn revenue from their users. In simpler terms, it’s a process of converting app users to earnings. It is a way in which app developers leverage user-base to earn money from their respective mobile app. 

Developing and launching a mobile app will not instantly generate revenue. You need a proper app monetization strategy in order to convert users or else revenue will be lost.

App Monetization Strategies

There are various app and mobile game monetization strategies you can choose from. Mentioned below are some of the most effective ways to monetize your mobile apps:

  • Freemium Model: Basic functionality is free, while you have to pay for certain content and features.
  • Premium Model: You charge for your app upfront. 
  • In-App Purchases: These are a major revenue stream for most apps. With in-app purchases, users can purchase services or content within the app.
  • In-App Advertising: Apps that use in-app advertising gather sufficient data on users to place highly targeted ads.
  • In-App Rewards: Apps that use In-App Rewards will get a loyalty boost and increased retention and engagement. Some of these services also come with a revenue share model that will compliment IAP and ads. 
  • Subscriptions: Developers create free apps with a subscription model. Users have to opt-in to a subscription plan to enjoy full benefits of the app.
  • Sponsorships & Partnerships: Sponsorship involves collaborating with advertisers in order to  help provide rewards to your users when they complete certain in-app actions.

    In partnerships, you get together with another app whose user base is similar to your own. This mutually beneficial relationship will help both parties improve their offering and attract more users.
  • Game Rewards: Developers can monetize by giving users rewards during game play to either give a bonus, extra time, or an extra life within the game. 
Mobile game monetization strategies
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Here are some of the Best Mobile Game Monetization SDKs to pick in 2021

The main goal for the owner of an app or website is to earn money. There are various ways of  monetizing your app, but one of the easiest and most popular ways is to take advantage of mobile advertising. 

Below are some of the best mobile app ad networks to help you monetize your app. So, if you’re an app owner, then these are the companies with the best app monetization software to pick in 2021.

We will NOT start with the usual suspects in the ad SDK market, since you probably already know some of them. But if you want to know more about what ad SDKs there are available than here is a link.

Instead, we will focus on the more exciting alternative solutions that you might not be that familiar with. These can be a very good alternative, and they can be complementary to monetization solutions you are already using like ads and IAP, thereby delivering more revenue. Here is the link to go directly to alternative monetization SDKs.

In-App Reward SDKs

Versus Systems

Versus Systems’ in-app advertising tool
Image Source: Versus Systems

Versus Systems’ in-app advertising tool helps keep users engaged by offering players rewards from various brands. Rewarded engagement ensures users stay engaged more with games and apps they love.

Developers and publishers can create better performing apps and games with the help of Versus. With the Versus SDK, real rewards can be integrated into any game or app. Its lightweight SDK helps increase app churn rate and create revenue without banner ads. It is compatible with multiple platforms like Android, iOS, and Unity.

Versus Systems helps bring users back by constantly changing rewards, allowing developers to focus on design and features. It also provides ad units that do not interfere with user experience, which keeps them in the app for longer.


Wappier’s Intelligent Revenue Management Platform
Image Source: Wappier

Wappier’s Intelligent Revenue Management Platform helps game and app developers engage more with their users and monetize their behavior by improving key performance indicators (KPIs).

This platform uses AI to predict how users will behave while using the app. This data helps Wappier to offer loyalty programs that fit the needs of a user. It is an intelligent automation platform that helps developers improve player loyalty, increase life-time value, and ultimately increase revenue. Each user is different, so Wappier’s loyalty program is personalized to each users’ individual needs.

The company offers automated solutions for in-app purchase price optimization for both game and app developers. It alters prices for each and every user depending on different countries, different spending power, and probability to buy.

Wappier’s AI engine processes over 2 billion data points per day to help predict best loyalty tactics or IAP price recommendations. 


Monetizr’s intelligent rewards platform for mobile game monetization
Image Source: Monetizr

Monetizr’s intelligent rewards platform helps game developers to keep their users engaged. Its reward marketplace helps you to choose rewards from a variety of brands and vendors. 

Publishers get hand-picked vendors from some popular brands, manufacturers, and game merch. You can also offer digital and physical rewards to your VIP players. 

It’s console enables game marketing teams to launch and manage rewards without updating the game. Developers can connect their game data to help you personalize offers for unique players. Monetizr’s console also handles all your daily operations like offer delivery (both digital and physical), compliance, tax, and legal. 

Publishers can connect with Monetizr’s API or SDK to automatically deliver programmable rewards inside the game’s user interface.

Pointvoucher Connect SDK

Pointvoucher SDK helps your app, and start monetizing your users
Image Source: Pointvoucher Business

Pointvoucher helps developers connect their games with their platform for free. Its platform partners with game and app publishers, brands and retailers, and affiliates and influencers.

You can register as a partner with Pointvoucher Connect, download the SDK, integrate it into your app, and start monetizing your users. Pointvoucher SDK is easy to install, implement and is available for Android, iOS, Unity, and HTML 5. 

Developers can monetize by giving users an opportunity to get a bonus for watching an ad. They can connect their games to the Pointvoucher platform and promote their game to Pointvoucher’s 500,000+ users for free. 

It can help developers improve key metrics like user retention and engagement, and it provides them with additional monetization features that help to increase ARPDAU.

Game developers get various benefits by connecting with the Pointvoucher platform, including:

  • 50% net revenue share on the LTV of users who join Pointvoucher through your app. No matter where they are in the Pointvoucher ecosystem.
  • Ensuring better loyalty
  • Increasing retention and user engagement
  • Free promotion of your app to Pointvoucher users, thereby allowing you to access even more users
  • Improved monetization

Pointvoucher is a platform that rewards people with points for spending time on things they already do, like playing games. These points can then be exchanged for real-life rewards.

Pointvoucher play games and earn real rewards
Image Source: Pointvoucher

Alternative  monetization SDKs


AudioMob mobile game monetization SDK
AudioMob mobile game monetization SDK

Image Source: AudioMob

AudioMob offers a new form of advertising to game developers which does not disrupt the user’s ability to play. It uses non-interrupting audio advertising to help developers monetise their games. 

AudioMob has opened its beta program, which will give developers a chance to access a new non-intrusive way to monetize their games, called Rewarded Audio.

AudioMob’s rewarded audio ads allow advertisers to have full control over where to place the ad and who to target. Also, since these ads are less intrusive in nature they would help in conversion and CPM. 

Advertisers can serve their audio ads in AudioMob’s Unity plugin inventory using existing DSPs like DV360, TargetSpot, The Trade Desk, and Xaxis via private deals. 

They can also set up audio ad campaigns within AudioMob’s demand side platform. AudioMob serves the ads into games by using existing SDKs via MRAID (Mobile Rich Media Ad Interface Definitions).

Developers have full control over the audio ads and can integrate ads seamlessly. AudioMob Unity Plugin gives developers full control over:

  • Audio Ad format
  • When the ads are triggered 
  • Whether to show a companion banner or not


Pollfish is an alternative mobile app  monetization SDK
Image Source: Pollfish

Pollfish is one of the dominant players in mobile survey market research monetization. It has direct integration with over 150,000 mobile apps and games worldwide. It helps publishers and indie developers to boost their revenues through rewarded surveys.

Developers can add a new button in the “get coins” section:  “Take Survey”. This allows users to complete a survey to gain more coins or other non-monetary incentives such as an extra life and access to premium content.

Image Source: Pollfish

Some benefits of Pollfish survey mediation platform include:

  • eCPMs up to $200
  • Real time reporting
  • Full control and transparency in the platform
  • Monthly payments 

Find out the survey pricing plan that suits your requirements. The company offers basic, business, enterprise, and elite plans.

Mage helps mobile developers with in-app monetization
Image Source: Getmage

Mage helps mobile developers with in-app monetization. It is an app revenue optimization service for freemium hybrid, iOS, and Android Apps. Mage’s monetization tools analyze users’ purchase behavior and use this information to make price recommendations. 

The company offers an SDK compatible with iOS, Android, and React Native. The software is packed with AI tools which make changing prices for IAPs seamless, without publishing an updated app version to the App Store.

Mage has helped fully automate simultaneous price testing & setting for in-app purchases in more than 170 countries. Mage helps app publishers with:

  • Analysing what users are willing to pay. This allows publishers to adjust their pricing and discern their product’s value. 
  • Conducting user segmentation to individualize prices based on the country users belongs to
  • Automating price optimization process and applying recommendations to the app

Game of Whales

Game of Whales uses the power of artificial intelligence to help monetize apps and games
Image Source: Game of Whales

Game of Whales uses the power of artificial intelligence to help developers boost their mobile gaming revenues. It learns from players behavior and predicts what type of real-time offers will work at a particular time. Once a developer integrates SDK into a game, there is a learning phase, and then the AI kicks-in. 

It works by micro-segmenting users into smaller groups using information like usage and play behaviour. These user groups are divided into Ads Whales, IAP Whales, and standard users. 

The AI automation then helps calculate when and how to offer specific incentives to drive purchases. 

With the help of the platform’s real-time predictive capabilities, Game of Whales identifies players that are likely to churn,  automatically shifting focus onto retention.

In App Advertising


Tapjoy offers mobile advertising and monetization platform
Image Source: Tapjoy

Tapjoy is a mobile advertising and monetization platform that offers ways to help users engage in mobile advertising. It helps advertisers to connect with exclusive audiences in the world’s most popular mobile games and apps. Mobile game developers integrate Tapjoy technology to display ads or offers to their customers.  

The partnership between Tapjoy & Tapdaq provides app and game developers with the industry’s most cutting-edge tools to monetize mobile content and audiences.

Over the years, Tapjoy has been trusted by many leading app developers. This mobile advertising company helps you to maximize your mobile ad revenues.

It provides ad formats that help you drive revenue for your business. Tapjoy serves as an intermediary between gamers, game developers, and advertisers. 

Instead of clicking on banner ads, Tapjoy offers users coins or virtual currency for watching videos, downloading promoted apps, or subscribing to certain services. 


MoPub offers monetization solutions for mobile app publishers and game developers
Image Source: MoPub

MoPub offers monetization solutions for mobile app publishers and game developers. It’s a mobile publishing platform that helps promote and monetize downloadable Android and iOS applications. 

MoPub Marketplace is one of the world’s largest real-time bidding exchanges that helps publishers to monetize their apps more efficiently.

The real-time bidding exchange, ad server, along with ad network mediation helps exceed revenue goals and help improve earnings. 

How It Works:

  • Create MoPub account 
  • Create MoPub app, and ad unit
  • Apply for MoPub Marketplace approval
  • Integrate MoPub SDK 
  • Set up MoPub Marketplace
  • Test your ad integration
  • Start monetizing

Unity Ads

Unity Ads provides ad monetization solutions
Image Source: Unity Ads

Unity Ads provides ad monetization solutions for for Unity developers (C#), iOS developers (Objective-C), and Android developers (Java).

Publishers can use the platform to easily monetize their existing player base. 

Publishers can use Unity Ads to drive revenue while providing great player experience.  Advertisers can use it to acquire more users by advertising their games across the world’s largest gaming community. 

Unity Ads offers different types of campaigns with different billing points such as clicks, completed views, or installs. It always selects the highest-earning campaign to display to your users.

Monetization features offered by Unity Ads include: 

  • Fair & Unified Auction: Unity brings advertisers from around the world to compete to buy ads in your game in a fair and unified auction.
  • Dashboard Overview: Its dashboard can be used to check the performance of your monetization, and give you control over what ads your players can see.
  • Easy IAP Set Up: Unity IAP helps you to set up in-app purchases for your games across numerous app stores. You can use one common API to access all stores for free. With the help of a few lines of code, developers can understand and optimize their in-game economy.


IronSource helps you monetize your apps and earn revenue
Image Source: IronSource

IronSource helps you monetize your apps and earn revenue from your users. All you need to do is: 

The company offers a large in-app video ad network, mobile ad mediation platform, and a user acquisition platform to game developers. 

IronSource works with top advertisers and offers the best technology to help developers earn the highest price per impression. IronSource’s advanced reporting and insights offer real-time reporting making monetizing super easy.

It offers a mix of ad units to help build the right type of monetization strategy. You can optimize your monetization with a large portfolio of ad formats like:

  • Rewarded video: offers in-app rewards people for watching full screen ads
  • Interstitial: ad that appears while chosen page or website is loading
  • Banner: ads that are embedded into a webpage
  • Offerwall: mini-store provided within an app


Adjoe offers mobile game monetization
Image Source: Adjoe

Adjoe helps you to add a new revenue stream to your mobile app while helping to improve user experience. It’s ad format playtime helps users to earn in-app currency by installing and playing third-party games. 

It helps developers:

  • Improve Ad Revenue: Adjoe uses algorithms to access the general interests of a given user to offer personalized ads.
  • Gain Higher Retention: With Adjoe, users not only receive currency for watching videos or doing a task, but also earn in-app currency by playing another game.
  • Improve User Experience: Playtime helps improve user experience by making ads a natural extension to the app.
  • Easy Management: API provides user level ad revenue data to help optimize UA activities based on real ROAS.
  • Tech: Adjoe offers lightweight SDK (50KB to 300KB max) and seamless integration. It supports all major platforms like Unity, Native, Cordova, and others. 


Smaato offers global in-app advertising platform for app monetization
Image Source: Smaato

Smaato is a global in-app advertising platform that connects app developers and publishers with the world’s top advertisers. It helps app developers and mobile publishers maximize their ad revenues. It is simple to integrate, utilizing a single SDK to monetize the app globally. 

Smaato Publisher Platform (SPX) is a real-time advertising platform that publishers and developers use to yield higher eCPMs and connect with more than 450 global demand partners. This platform meets all your app monetization needs, and it gives you access to private marketplace capabilities, an ad server, open auctions, and more.  

Sign up with Smaato’s publisher platform and get access to it’s self-service portal where you can easily manage your app monetization strategy.


Appodeal provides intelligent ad mediation solutions for mobile apps
Image Source: Appodeal

Appodeal provides intelligent ad mediation solutions for mobile apps. It provides one single SDK to control your ad monetization. The algorithm in the SDK helps to find the best paying ads for each impression. 

Appodeal’s one ad mediation SDK includes:

  • More than 70 ad demand sources, so you never run out of ads
  • All ad formats
  • In-app bidding algorithm & Ad Waterfall control
  • A/B testing for Ad placements and audiences

When your app requests an ad, Appodeal’s mediation solutions provides you with the most profitable ad at that moment. 

It is very simple to use Appodeal. When an integrated app requests access, Appodeal servers process the request. It compares different advertising networks in real time to find which will function the best for you. It’s mediation solutions find ads that are most profitable. 


InMobi’s app monetization platform
Image Source: InMobi

InMobi’s app monetization platform has a global reach in markets like the US, UK, Europe, India, and South Africa. InMobi helps maximize app revenue with an ad mediation platform or directly through in-app monetization. 

Publishers can integrate their app with the lightweight InMobi SDK to experience superior monetization. Some of the products and services offered by InMobi include: 

  • InMobi in-App Monetization platform: In-App Monetization platform for publishers that helps to balance user experience and revenue growth. The company offers comprehensive ad formats like native ads, video ads, playable ads, interstitials, or rich media.
  • InMobi Mediation Platform:  InMobi’s Mediation Platform helps boost ad revenue from the largest brand advertisers from across the world. The InMobi Exchange offers exclusive access to 200+ DSPs and over 5,000 programmatic buyers representing top brands from around the globe.
  • Audience Bidding: Get audience biding using InMob’s SDK. InMobi’s audience intelligence helps to pre-fetch audience-driven bids from 70+ DSPs with a single call to InMobi’s in-app header bidding SDK. 


Leadbolt mobile advertising platform  helps with in-app monetization services
Image Source: Leadbolt

This mobile advertising platform helps with in-app monetization services and user acquisition. The company has an extensive network of over 65,000 premium apps operating across 165 countries. It serves over 10 billion ads every month to its users. 

Sydney based Leadbolt helps game developers run various ad formats like video ads, playable ads, and interstitial ads in their apps. It’s Leadbolt Marmalade SDK is available for free for Android and iOS. 

 Leadbolt advertising platform offers you the chance to:

  • Promote your app and reach out to millions of new users in real-time
  • Operate with a powerful platform, and other tools to manage campaigns
  • Rely on a team of experts to drive campaign success right from the start to finish’s app monetization SDK
Image Source: (Startapp) offers a mobile data platform that delivers AI-driven insights to inspire decision-making. It provides publishers with premium and diverse advertising campaigns from some of the world’s largest and leading players. ensures a smooth and fast implementation of ad placements to achieve a right balance between user experience and revenue. 

Publishers and developers can boost their mobile app revenue with’s app monetization SDK. It helps improve app revenues and offers a wide range of ad formats like, video, rich media, and native ad units. 

This app monetization platform comes with an ad targeting and optimization engine to ensure the right ads are shown to the right audience on your mobile app. Over 100,000 apps are using SDK, and its platform is used by some high profile companies like Yahoo, Disney, Rovio, and others.  


PubMatic offers monetization platform to help app developers and publishers
Image Source: PubMatic

PubMatic helps app developers and publishers to maximize their mobile monetization by providing customizable solutions. It’s monetization platform aims to bring together users, application owners, and advertisers with the help of a convenient advertising tool.

The PubMatic platform empowers independent app developers and publishers to maximize their digital advertising monetization. It enables advertisers to increase ROI by reaching and engaging their target audiences in brand-safe, premium environments across ad formats and devices. 

Facebook Audience Network

Facebook Audience Network helps monetize while keeping user experience in mind
Image Source: Facebook for Business

Facebook is one of the leaders in mobile game advertising. Its Facebook Audience Network helps monetize while keeping user experience in mind. Its high-value formats, innovative publisher tools, and quality ads help grow businesses and improve engagement.

It offers smart solutions to publishers to help monetize their websites and apps. Advertisers can not only advertise their products on Facebook, but also among other mobile programs. 

Facebook supports different kinds of ad formats, including game-specific ads such as playable ads and rewarded video ads. These ads appear in the Facebook app, Messenger, Instagram, and other audience networks. Facebook’s Audience Network allows you to monetize your iOS and Android apps, as well as mobile websites with targeted ads.

Facebook Audience Network offers the following benefits:

  • Engage your audiences, and monetize your app using various ad formats
  • Get all the insight, tools, and support you need to grow your business
  • Make sure every ad impression reaches maximum earning potential with real-time bidding


Google Admob’s advanced monetization technology
Image Source: Admob

Google Admob’s advanced monetization technology and innovative ad formats help app owners to earn revenue while elevating user experience. AdMob helps to integrate ads into your game, so you can provide the best user experience to your players.

The company provides monetization strategies that will work best for your games. These include,

  • IAP-focused
  • Hybrid monetization
  • Ad-funded models

Advantages of AdMob:

  • It helps to maximize your fill rate and revenue from anywhere in the world
  • Open Bidding allows your ad sources to bid on each impression in real time
  • The AdMob dashboard provides actionable analytics about ad performance and user engagement to optimize the lifetime value of your players
  • Optimize your strategy by using player insights, giving you the information you need to correct your course along the way
  • Ad formats like rewarded video ads, banner and interstitial ads help keep your players engaged with your game
  • Flexible ad blocking controls give developers full power over the ads that appear in their game


Vungle’s leading performance marketing platform
Image Source: Vungle

Vungle’s leading performance marketing platform specializes in localized video advertising across the Android and iOS platforms. 

Mobile publishers use Vungle to generate revenue with engaging video ads. With Vungle, apps can make money by showing innovative content from advertisers. Vungle helps you to monetize your users without compromising the user experience. It also helps advertisers to reach out and gain high-quality customers.  

The Vungle SDK is lightweight, powerful, easy to integrate, and it delivers industry-leading creative experiences into your apps. It is compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows. 


Yodo1 offers a game platform that helps game developers to manage, market, and monetize their games
Image Source: Yodo1

Yodo1 offers a game platform that helps game developers to manage, market, and monetize their games. It combines human expertise and AI-powered tools to help game developers to simplify monetization, make optimal revenues, and improve retention. 

Its game publishing feature provides all the tools to help developers to grow their game into a big hit and a scalable business. Yodo1’s ad monetization includes:

  • Managed Ad Services (MAS): Yodo1’s MAS helps improve ad revenues with easy-to-use SDK that comes with top-performing ad networks from around the world.
  • Ad Optimization: Yodo1’s AdHawk gathers gameplay recordings, analyzing them to generate insights and create the best monetization strategy. It finds ad placement, timing, and types of ads that will help improve revenues without sacrificing user experience.

Yodo1 platform helps monetize your game, manage the community, provide exposure to big brands, and publish your games in China and other parts of the world.


Chartboost offers in-app monetization and programmatic advertising platform
Image Source: Chartboost

Chartboost’s in-app monetization and programmatic advertising platform helps to increase revenue for every impression. It allows you to acquire and retain quality users.

Its in-app monetization platform features include:

  • Programmatic in-app unified auction, Helium 
  • Dynamic ad templates that blend seamlessly with developer apps to ensure higher engagement
  • Insightful analytics that give developers key insights to make well-informed decisions
  • Access to ad monetization on the Amazon Appstore 

Developers can integrate with Chartboost’s classic, lightweight SDK available for iOS, Unity, and Android.

Helium is Chartboost’s SDK that helps developers automatically select the best ad to put into a game at any given moment. 

Helium helps mobile app developers to improve their ad revenues by conducting an unbiased first-price unified auction for every impression opportunity.

Some of the benefits of using Helium are:

  • It is a lightweight SDK, being less than 34Kb in size
  • That it gives access to direct programmatic demand and 33+ demand sources
  • That it offers one click A/B testing
  • It provides a dedicated team to provide support right from integration to improving revenues 
  • It provides access to numerous premium advertising campaigns to help developers increase their fill rate and yield


AdColony in-app monetization solutions
Image Source: AdColony 

AdColony in-app monetization solutions help developers to monetize their apps using mobile advertising and marketing platforms. AdColony gives users the experience they want and developers the revenue they deserve.

Their high quality in-app mobile monetization & marketing platform offers benefits like:

  • Premium eCPMs
  • Fortune 500 advertisers
  • High fill rates

With AdColony, developers enjoy award-winning, high quality display, video, and rich media ads. They can maximize their revenue by working with Fortune 500 brands like Disney, Coca-Cola, and some of the most trusted DSPs. 


AppLovin’s mobile game monetization solutions
Image Source: Applovin 

Mobile gaming platform AppLovin helps developers understand the mobile app ecosystem and succeed in goals like maximizing revenues from apps.

AppLovin’s mobile game monetization solutions, called MAX, help to increase ARPDAU, ensure optimization in real-time, and provide a superior user experience. 

Its dashboard gives developers an opportunity to maximize yield for each ad opportunity and achieve lifetime value for each user. MAX helps mobile app publishers and developers grow their games into a global phenomena.


Image Source: Fyber

This Berlin based advertising technology company provides smart monetization strategies that help empower app developers. 

With the help of Fyber, app developers can run interstitial, video, engagement and install campaigns. Fyber’s FairBid mediation platform helps developers monetize through a waterfall or unified auction. 

Some features of Fyber FairBid platform include: 

  • All major ad networks and DSPs can bid on each and every impression leading to high competition and high CPMs
  • More than 180 DSPs including Tapjoy, Facebook Audience Network, AdColony compete programmatically under one unified auction
  • Generate data from mediation partners, bidding networks and DSPs all in one report to optimize monetization strategy
  • Move resources from manual waterfall optimization to a programmatic environment to get highest paying ad–every time

Final Thoughts

There are plenty of mobile game monetization options in the market that will help you to convert app users into revenue. All you have to do is pick a strategy to monetize your app, then go for a network that helps you achieve best results from your strategy in the best way possible. 

You as a developer need to choose a platform that helps strike a balance between earning revenue and user experience.

Let us know if we missed out on any mobile game monetization platforms in the comments section below.

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