Mobile Gaming Industry News Roundup

Mobile Gaming Industry News Roundup 12.02.21

Happy Friday Mobile Developers! Welcome to this week’s Mobile Gaming Industry News Roundup! Pointvoucher gives you a compressed overview of the main events that happened this week. There were fewer acquisitions than last week when Embracer spent almost $2.4 billion dollars.


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As ever, it’s been a busy week at Pointvoucher HQ. We are helping the growth of many Mobile Gaming studios with our platform and our SDK.

  • From Monday the 8th of February, 2 new games were published on our homepage.
  • A new article was posted on our blog. It talks about one of our rewards, the Amazon free card. You can read it here.

Mobile Gaming News

  • All 150 of Apple’s Arcade Apps are now available on the Apple Store. Via Pocket Gamer Biz.
  • As reported by PC Gamer, Epic’s new MetaHuman tool can create ridiculously accurate facial expressions. Check out the spectacular video in the link.
  • Games Industry Biz reveals that FunPlus has hired former Zynga employee Chris Petrovic as Chief Business Officer.
  • Inspired have launched Temple of Light – an online & mobile slot game. Via European Gaming
  • EA is to acquire Glu Mobile for $2.1bn in a move that will dramatically increase their mobile offerings. Via
  • Gamestream has teamed up with Chunghwa Telecom to launch an iOS cloud gaming app in Taiwan. Via Pocket Gamer Biz
Mobile Gaming Industry News Roundup 12.02.21
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  • Tencent has bought a minority stake in Arma developer Bohemia Interactive. Via Pc Gamer.
  • Ten Square Games is set to open Berlin studio. The former Wooga Patrick McGrath will be at the helm. Pocket Gamer reported it.
  • Homa Games have raised a record $15 million, making them the recipients of the largest European Seed round in 2021. Via European Gaming.
  • 2020 was a mixed bag for Zynga, as they posted both record revenues and record net losses. Via Games Industry Biz.
  • reports that TinyBuild has acquired three studios, including the developers of Totally Reliable Delivery Service.
  • SayGames have reached two billion downloads. Via Pocket Gamer Biz.
  • Terraria has canceled their port to Stadia in a tit-for-tat reprisal against Google. In fact, Google locked their accounts “without explanation”. Reported by
  • Via Games Industry Biz. Niantic launched Black Developers Initiative. It offers funding and mentorship. Made to support underrepresented Black developers.

Mobile Gaming Opinion

  • In Pocket Gamer Biz, Unity’s Danny Lange has explained how AI is breaking new ground within the games industry.
  • Games Industry Biz gives has an opinion about the acquisitions. They say that dreams of easy money create a risk of tough acquisitions.
  • Pocket Gamer Biz examine whether opt-ins could save niche targeting.

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