Mobile Gaming Industry News Roundup

Mobile Gaming Industry News Roundup 19.03.21

Happy Friday Mobile Developers! Welcome to this weekly Mobile Gaming Industry News Roundup! Pointvoucher gives you a compressed overview of the main events that happened this week. There was much news since our last report. Continue reading for knowing more.


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As ever, it’s been a busy week at Pointvoucher HQ. We are helping the growth of many Mobile Gaming studios with our platform and our SDK.

  • From the last News Roundup, 15 quality games were published on our platform.
  • A new promotion was launched for the Premium Membership. You can discover more here.

Mobile Gaming News

  • Stratosphere Games raises $2.5 million for new projects. So, know more on Pocket Gamer Biz.
  • As reported by PC Gamer, Respawn bans more than 700 high-ranked Apex Legends players.
  • Games Industry Biz reveals that Trufan raises $2.3m and acquires
  • OneTouch sets sail for the horizon in Loot or Boot. Then, continue reading on European Gaming
  • Indie Game incubator starts accepting applications for programs supporting indies. So, click on to discover more.
  • Fundamentally Games teams up with Buzz Capital for new User Acquisition Testing Program. Via Pocket Gamer Biz
Mobile Gaming Industry News Roundup 12.02.21
(pic source:
  • The next Among Us map is finally coming out, Pc Gamer explains why it took longer than expected.
  • The casino was the second-biggest genre in the US in Q4 2020. Pocket Gamer reported it.
  • GameAnalytics Joins Huawei Ecosystem as the Latest Platform Partner. Via European Gaming.
  • Embracer Group raising over $890m for even more acquisitions. Therefore, click on Games Industry Biz.
  • The UK consumer games market hit a record value of £7bn in 2020. Via
  • Puzzle titles hit $4.6 billion in player spending in the US in the past year. Then, continue reading Pocket Gamer Biz.
  • Unity keynote showcases a strong title lineup and concentrates on visual scripting, netcode, and rendering pipelines. Reported by, so click on the link to discover the applications.
  • Tencent, Sony, Square Enix invest in cloud gaming company Ubitus. So, discover more information on Games Industry Biz.

Mobile Gaming Opinion

  • asks if your gaming IP could benefit from a less intensive format? We look into the huge reach of Rival Peak.
  • Games Industry Biz gives us an opinion about Super Nintendo World. They say that is a milestone for gaming.
  • Carry1st’s Nick Murray talks about why game economy design is essential for the success of your game. Therefore, read more on Pocket Gamer Biz.

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