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Our vision is to monetise time & reward people for doing things they already do. Imagine a world where you get rewarded for playing mobile games, commuting to work, travelling and more.  Pointvoucher creates a new incentive for people to use applications & technology and in return, get more from brands & experiences they love.


We are building an entertainment 
commerce platform & a bridge between consumers and brands using apps and games created by third party developers. With the initial focus on the fast growing gaming industry, the concept potential extends to move into almost anything where time can be measured. 


Launched as a gaming studio in 2015 building games together with brands like ITV, Mr Bean, City of London, Bilka, Telia & more.  In early 2020, we pivoted to become a reward-gaming platform. Now the company works with third party developers and brands across US, UK, Germany, France, Scandinavia, Indonesia and Japan.

The Team

We are a 20+ person international team working out of Copenhagen, London, Nizhny Novgorod & Tokyo. 


Nicolai Elmqvist CEO & Co-founder @Pointvoucher

Nicolai Elmqvist
CEO & Co-founder

Digital entrepreneur to the bone. Has been involved in 5 startups within the past 10 years and sold 3 of them. Love games & interactive content.

Konstantin Mikhailov CTO @Pointvoucher

Konstantin Mikhailov


20+ years of experience in the tech industry and a wizard when it comes to building scalable digital solutions. 

Jesper Geisler Hansen CPO @Pointvoucher

Jesper Geisler 


UX and gamification expert with great experience developing user centric digital experiences. 

Farah Ragheb

Farah Ragheb


15+ years of global marketing & brand building experience with TOPSHOP, DAY, London’s Architectural Association & more. 


New partnerships

For new partnerships and questions about our services please send us an email or book a call with us at business@pointvoucher.com

Help us grow

Are you connected to a large network of game developers or brands & retailers that are looking to reach new customers for free? Or do you have a web site or a huge follower base that you would like to monetize? Then contact us about becoming a Pointvoucher Business Affiliate Partner.




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