We bring real-life rewards to your users & monetize your app or game

Connect your game to Pointvoucher’s platform, reward your users with real-life products, improve key metrics like engagement and retention, and earn a 50% Net Revenue share from the users LTV generated through Pointvoucher. The Pointvoucher Connect SDK is free to use, it’s easy to implement and available for iOS, Android, Unity and HTML5 games. Ready to try?

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Publishers using the Connect SDK

New monetization channel

Game and App publishers using the Pointvoucher Connect SDK will get a new monetization channel. Any users who register to Pointvoucher through the app will generate a 50% NET revenue share for publishers from their life-time value (LTV). This revenue is generated in the Pointvoucher eco-system through the Pointvoucher Premium Membership and other revenue generating sources. Since the user will be attributed to the publisher, this will continue as long as the user is active. Even after the user has churned from the publisher’s app. 

The Pointvoucher Connect SDK  complements existing monetization channels like in-app purchases and ads, and it generates more money from those as since engagement and retention are boosted.

What can you earn? Well that depends on where your users are located, who they are, and how well you implement the SDK and promote Pointvoucher to your audience.

Boost your key metrics with us

0 %
Longer sessions
75 %
More sessions
100 %
Longer playtime
75 %
More IAP
0 %
Higher D1 retention
20 %
Higher D7 retention
0 %
Higher D14 retention
0 %
Higher D28 retention

Plus free promotion to

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Highly engaged members on Pointvoucher

How it works inside of your game

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Built on top of your game

No need to rebalance and no interference with your in-game currency. Pointvoucher runs on top of your game, giving users points for time spent in-game.

What you need to do?

Find the best spot to promote Pointvoucher after onboarding. Choose between a wide range of messages that both motivate the user to play more and update them on rewards.

Monetize with rewarding ads

When the user receives their points, there is an opportunity to give them a bonus for watching a rewarding ad. Connect your ad provider or mediation SDK and you now have another place to monetise.

Easily integrate in no time

It takes about an hour to integrate Pointvoucher Connect for an experienced person. First timers? No more than a day.


9 Markets

We are currently offering rewards in 9 markets, but will be adding more during 2021.

GEO Tracking

We GEO track the user on a market level to deliver local rewards. This also avoids a bad user experience in markets where we can't offer rewards yet.

New Markets

When we open up new markets, developers don't need to do anything. It will be added.  

Great Brands

Get rewards from great brands like Amazon, Starbucks, Google Play, Apple and others.


We're offer gift-cards, 2-for-1, % off, prize draws, and much more. All types of codes are accepted.


We run seasonal events around Christmas, Halloween, Black Friday and more.

Why use our SDK to grow your game?

Play games and earn real life rewards from great brands.

Monetize and increase retention and engagement in your game.

Your players can now earn points for time spent playing and exchange them for real-life rewards inside your game. You will earn a 50% NET revenue share from what the users generate through Pointvoucher’s channels.

Free promotion on Pointvoucher

We promote your game for free and get you access to more users

Free promotion to other Pointvoucher users via our portal, newsletter, social media etc.

Have fun on Pointvoucher

Connect, test, or disconnect at any time.

There is absolutely no commitment attached to using Pointvoucher. It’s free, and you can kick us out of your party at any time.

Want to learn more?

We’d be happy to chat.